The Impact of Customer Service and Its Relation to Self-Help

Truthfully, customer service or customer relations, is a big personal learning experience aside from being a branding tool. People do not often interact with irate or unsatisfied personnel. Through customer service, you could challenge yourself to be a calmer person and practice your personal decorum in the face of certain trouble.

Through this infographic, you’ll see how first impressions last and how helpful customer services are to businesses, and to self-development

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Three Ways Not To Make Love a Priority For Your Life

It’s actually a mistake Hollywood has glamorised and fantastically-created love stories that became a hit with people. This hyper-reality has generated a whimsical hope that there’s a “right person” for each one in the world. Realistically, there may or may not be someone right for you in the world. Not that this post is cynical, but to set things straight, people need to do things to help themselves grow, not find other individuals who would want to share their lives with them.

  1. Love Isn’t The Answer

Most individuals looking for love are those who feel incomplete just being with themselves. The same individuals are also the ones who look for something perfect in their partner. Love isn’t the answer to resolve your internal issues. Love is about the other person helping you resolve your internal issues by yourself. They aren’t the answer, they’re your support team.

  1. Love is Just a Side Story

Have you ever noticed how some couples end up being happy despite their relationship to each other is just minimal or has less interaction? It is because they support each other by telling each other they should achieve things they want in their lives. Love is just a side story in the grander scheme of things; it is your own personal achievments that define you.

  1. It’s a Conditional Partnership

Books, movies and series say that relationships are meant to be perfect because the two people accept each other’s flaws. It is true that this is important, but it is also important that the other person, who is conscious of their flaw, also resolves their own issue. It is a conditional partnership; no one wants to be under the neck from someone. That couldn’t be called love if someone is suffering.

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Three Things That Will Help You Be Productive Anywhere

You have a marketing report due in two hours and there’s no laptop in sight. Fortunately, you have a smartphone on hand. The wide range of apps for productivity available for productivity in smartphones is outstanding, but you will need these three things to help you become more efficient.

1.  Bluetooth Keyboard


Virtually every smartphone is compatible with any type of bluetooth keyboard available in them market. They can cost around 10 pounds apiece, but you’ll definitely be typing faster and responding to emails quicker with a physical keyboard.


2. Google Office Apps


Google office suites offer a comprehensive number of applications you could use to process word documents, even excel and powerpoint presentations.This is what you will need if you have to squeeze in making a presentation during a cab ride or while handling other tasks.


3. Root Your Phone


To expand the power of your smartphone, rooting your device will help you unlock several more features unavailable to you with its factory default settings. Make sure to know first if the rooting will cause a warranty void, especially if your device is new. Some rooting methods could harm your device too.

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Three Crucial Things to Remember to Actually Save Money

Keeping your money inside a sock or your bank account is never the best way to grow your money. Values for everyday objects change according to supply and demand, and these affects your finances. You aren’t saving your money when you just let it become old. Here are three things you should remember.

  1. Assess Economies

Money’s value increases or decreases depending on the demand for local products and services. The more that a country’s goods and services are bought and valued locally, the prices go up, helping domestic employment and production. It then increases the value of money. Meanwhile, if this is not the case for one’s country, then assessing which industries increase in value is where one’s money should be placed in.

  1. Investments

Every country has a moving industry, with some excelling against others. Manufacturing is the foundation of any economy. With more exports, companies grow in value, and if your money is part of the stocks, you get more money rather than just saving it at home. Buying items that will increase in worth over time, such as historical items, classic vehicles or properties, and even artworks, are also good ways to place your money.

  1. Spending Habits

You save money when you spend on things that give you your money’s worth, and perform well on credit. Banks are like schools; your credit score is reflected by your ability to finance items of value. With higher credit scores, you have better opportunities to fund investments that would generate higher amounts of profit.

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Unlikely Ways You’ll Find the People You Need in Your Life

Anybody reading this might now be in his or her quarter-life going on 30 years old and is thinking of loneliness. Any person will want to have a friend or someone to lean on as time passes by. Nobody wants to go through life alone. Inevitably, instances will find you that you will meet the people you need and are worth keeping in your life, and one way is to not look for them.

1. Engage in New Experiences
If the same thing is happening in your life all over again, it might be time that you engage in new experiences. Repetitive lifestyles, especially those isolated from society, leave you out of exposure from people that may find you interesting. Get out of the house after work. Sit down in a bar and converse with a bartender. Play in a public casino.

2. Those Who Stick Around Are Worth Keeping
People have good and bad sides and most relationships end when one party is incapable of handling the undesirable side of their partners or friends. However, if both parties understand that it requires a bit of cooling off before they can talk properly, then they stick around. People who intend to help you improve and stick around despite continuous problems are the friends you need, or a person you can keep in your life.

3. Show Your True Self
Contrary to popular belief, being yourself is the way to find the people who truly care about you. By being comfortable by being yourself, people can find you annoying or caring. Either way, it is a good filter to ensure that the people you stick around with are the people you need in your life.

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The Benefits You Get Drinking Hot Chocolate

If you are not into coffee, then hot chocolate is the next best alternative to wake up your sense in the morning. Hot chocolate, unlike coffee, has zero caffeine, making it an essential drink especially for young children. For adults, you get the following benefits.


1. Anti-Oxidants
Anti-oxidant concentration in hot cocoa is twice as strong as red wine, which helps your body get rid of free radicals. You may also feel a certain lightness in your sense and heightened awareness because your brain is running on better capacity. Hot chocolate, in contrast to cold chocolate, also releases more antioxidants.

2. Gallic Acid
Gallic acid is used in most surgeries to treated haemorrhages and treat albumin in the urine. Cocoa’s gallic acid content is highly helpful when it comes to getting rid of kidney diseases and high sugar levels. Sugar perks are only available if you drink chocolate without much sugar and creamer.

3. Saturated Fats
Cocoa, without sugar, has less saturated fat and simple sugars. Cocoa will never have you go on a sugar crash, and has less than 8 grams of saturated fat per serving.

4. Flavonoids
Blood platelets and quality are heavily dependent on the body’s production of nitric oxide, and consuming cocoa helps your body produce more nitric oxide. This also helps your blood flow increase dramatically, improving your brain function as well.

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The Facts Surrounding All Good Things in Life

This is a list of common realizations of people who many good things in their lives. It is not meant to be a cynical post, but it is a list of truths associated with anything good that happens in the world.

1. Nothing Lasts Forever
Life is a good thing that ever happened to a person because he or she has a chance to appreciate and be disappointed with what it has to offer. However, life itself does not last forever, along with the many other good things you experience from it. Relationships, riches, material belongings, properties and everything that exists has an end.

2. Ups and Downs
Life is a series of ups and downs. At one point, you will be on top of the world, feeling the glory of your accomplishments. At another point, you will feel defeated, left to question your integrity to handle certain situations. These ups and downs are common, and they create the colour of life. One must learn to let go of such experiences, encapsulated in the timeline of their past as something to appreciate.

3. Nothing Worth It is Easy
It may be true that pain and misery accompanies a struggle to do a better thing, but if it is worth it, then the efforts required are colossal. When one does it, one feels accomplishment, and accomplishment, or doing something effectively, is worth all the struggle. The joy is in the journey.

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Taking Care of Yourself After a Turbulent Break-Up

Relationship break-up pain is nervously equal to injuring a foot to the point it is almost requiring amputation. It takes time to heal after a shocking or surprising break-up. Many things that you have realized from advice and previous break-ups do not feel true at present with the pain blinding most people. Here are a few things to help you take care of yourself after a break-up.

1. Patience
Getting back up your feet is something you will highly covet, and the journey back to your ideal self is not an easy one. If you feel like you’re doing many things wrong, have patience with yourself. Pain is the absence of somebody while the “bonding hormone” oxytocin and dopamine, which are also present when you are addicted to something, strongly influence your actions.

2. Engage Your Attention
In the age of the internet, information about your ex-lover could get to you in an instant. Your attention will automatically fixate on him or her because he or she is the cause of the pain you feel. You will continue to dwell on what went wrong. However, if you do activities that keep your attention span to yourself, such as exercises, creative ventures or other ventures, except vices, will help you recover much quickly.

3. Disconnect
Build up new associations with places you and your lover once passed through. Any place, object or event that reminds you of the person, you could disconnect from if you spend time in it with friends or family.

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Three Things That Will Help Your Mood Be Better in the Morning

Had a rough night of no sleep or you just woke up at the wrong side of the bed? You will have a bad mood this morning. However, you can reverse your mood to become better and actually motivate you to see the entire day through.

1. Meditate
If you had a nightmare or you woke up at the wrong side of bed, eat your breakfast and come back to your room to meditate for at least 20 minutes. Ask yourself why you are mad, think if your actions to other people are fair just because you feel bad about something. Understand why you are mad and what you could do to alleviate your mood.

2. Recognize Personal Responsibility
Every person is responsible for his or her actions and when we’re emotional, we are under the influence of something. A chemical imbalance in the brain that induces emotional motivation can be unexplainable, but people need to keep it under control. It is unfair to unleash something uncalled for against somebody who does not deserve it.

3. Objectives
Now that you understand why you cannot be mad at other people, you realize that being moody or angry in the morning is practically useless. Remember your objectives for the day and think of ways to achieve them. Once your mind is motivated, your mood also improves, helping you avoid the bad mood you had during the morning.

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Three Kinds of Food to Wake You Up

Working on an 8-hour shift with not enough sleep is bad as it can cause headaches due to sleepiness. Some people resort to multiple cups of coffee; others just have a gum to occupy their time to wake up their sleeping facial muscles. However, there are also different energy-giving food in the market, such as the following.

1. Water
A slight dehydration in the body can change your mood. If you’re dehydrated, you can feel more exhausted or sleepy. Carry around a bottle or at least a glass of water in your office and consume it throughout the day. Water is essential to the human body and it definitely affects moods.

2. Grass-Fed Beef
Healthy meat, even if it is a form of red meat, can boost your stamina and endurance efficiently. Eating grass-fed beef gives you four times Vitamin E, three times more omega-3 fats and beta carotene, they have less saturated fats and cholesterol as well. If you are body building, grass fed beef gives you some high quality protein.

3. Broccoli
Broccoli contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds that help fight cancer cell growth. Vitamin C, lutein and beta carotene helps promote a good colon that has no infection from any food. It also reduces oxidative stress, which makes one feel more sleepy and exhausted.

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