Three Secret Societies That Actually Helped The World

Everyone panics whenever Illuminati is mentioned. While the preposterous idea of an elite ruling class is quite imaginative as it has the possibility of reality, it has helped change the world to value individualism further.

But instead of controlling the world, these three societies ended up helping shape it to become better.

E Clampus Vitus

E Clampus Vitus a fraternity with origins during the American Gold Rush, is actually a secret society that is not quite secret.

It was intended to make fun of the Mason Fraternities and miner fraternities during the time.

It was intended to be humorous as they employed rip-off initiation ceremonies. Their name is not real Latin and they are still active today, trying to make fun of secret societies.

Mau Mau

Africa had its own secret society which wasn’t uncovered until recently. Mau Mau was a Kenyan nationalist society intending to spread the belief of magic and its role in any African’s daily life. However, due to their brutal rituals and violence, it had started an uprising in the African region where Mau Mau dominated.

But its motives against the British colonists were also clear. It challenged the perceived cruelty of British colonialism and the exploitation they have caused the African society in general.

French Resistance

While more of a wartime society than a secret one, their activities were still kept in the shadows and no normal Frenchman knows their operations.

Built by French people to oppose the Germans during the time of the Nazi invasion, the Resistance was a secret society that spread underground newspapers and broadcast anti-German radio programs.

The 100,000 strong personnel of the group helped the allies’ covert operatives fulfil their missions with relative efficiency.

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The Top Three Advantages of Pea Protein

Why should you replace your current whey, casein and egg protein powders with pea protein?

Well, not because it’s the current fitness world craze. Soy protein, along with pea protein, are plant-based protein powders that could give you more than whey and egg protein could provide you.

So who would benefit from it? Well…


Suffering from asthma? Developed an allergy towards your current protein powders? Pea protein powders are worth trying out.

Some shakes could have ingredients that you’re allergic too. Whey protein from milk could be troublesome for those who are lactose-intolerant. If you’re drinking animal-based protein shakes, maybe plant-based ones are the key to your success.

Branched-Chain Amino Acids

Whey proteins are chock-full of BCAA or Branched-Chain Amino Acids. These help your muscle recover better throughout the day. It also helps you decrease your belly fat and keep your full longer between meals.

Pea powder proteins are very much the same, except they have 5 grams of BCAAs rather than the 2.5 or 3gram typical of whey powders. The extra BCAAs would help you towards your fitness goal quicker than you’d expect!

For the Vegans

Regardless about your stand in the dispute, pea protein and soy protein powders are useful for vegan bodybuilders.

The rumours about animal-protein helping you with more muscle in contrast to plant-based protein which is perceived as weaker is not quite true. Plant-based proteins can even offer more protein for you and is free of fat, lactose and other sugars as well.


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Three Strangest Ways to Burn Calories

The rest of Europe is turning into the Fat Man of The World. No one could blame them though. Europe’s food safety regulations even for processed food stays safe despite increasing the overweight and obese numbers of the country.

But what if you’re not into cardiovascular exercises? What if you don’t like strength training? There are other ways to burn calories though.

As Naughty As You Can Get

Well, sex can burn about 200 calories for 30 minutes. Imagine if you have sex for hours. Not only do you get pleasure, but you also get some fitness burns.

Meanwhile, if I meant naughty and fidgety, you are actually burning 350 calories per day. So keep it up when you’re just dancing or jogging in place.

Mouth Exercises

Cigarette smoking is dangerous to your health. But for every stick, you burn about 10 calories. Your lungs take up more strength when processing air, which takes more effort therefore more calories.

Chewing gum also burns 11 calories per hour. Laughing can burn 20 to 40 calories when you’re laughing for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile, shower singing also helps burn some extra 10-20 calories. It gets better when you increase your volume.

Lazy Things

If you’ve been watching TV for about one hour, you’ve burnt 65 calories. Sitting in the fridge or an air-conditioned room burns more calories than when sitting in a heated area.

Hugging for one hour can burn about 70 calories!

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Three Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Chicken

When someone says chicken, we get hungry. Oftentimes, we crave for the bird and its protein-rich parts either from fast-food or home-cooked meals. Chicken has become a staple in many dishes all over the world. But there are still three things you probably didn’t know about chicken.

Chickens Were Bred For Cockfighting

Archaeologists exploring Southeast Asian history had found that the red Junglefowl natives didn’t really intend to boil and add vegetables immediately. Instead, they domesticated the chicken breed to become a cockfighter. Archaeologists estimate this to have happened about 7,000 years ago.

Cockfighting is viewed as an inhumane sport. However, in some parts of Southeast Asia, cockfighting is seen as a part of life and a daily pastime among more rural areas.

Expensive Chicken Tax

In the 70s, US fowl became a huge standard in the world. Foreign countries accused American producers of exporting cheap chickens in a bid to undercut the entire industry and drive the prices down for everyone. European and Asian producers soon ganged up on American chicken producers, who they claim have pumped the birds full of chemicals including starch, dextrin, brandy and light trucks.

Europeans had also imposed heavy taxes on US poultry imports with a 25 per cent tariff. Wow.

Chicken Gun

There exists a chicken gun. It launches chicken carcasses at stationary airplanes to test the airplane engine’s capability to cope with a “bird strike”. Bird strikes are often simple yet devastating incidents wherein birds get caught up in an airplane’s engine and may destroy it.

The Chicken Ingestion Test is a method that uses the chicken gun launching carcasses at Mach 1.4, the fastest speed birds can attack an engine. Aircraft parts such as windshields, tails and wings use the chicken gun to test their capability.

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Five Important Facts In The 2016 US Presidential Race

It’s time for the US to vote. The US, being an economic leader in industries and fields, spars its own with the best, including the EU and China. A new leader would mean new legislation. The election fever is coming and here are five things you should know.

Donald Trump May Just Win

For a first item, it is shocking. However, poll analysts indicate Trump is making waves in the public. While even his own Republican team is going against him, society is turning with Trump to actually and possibly win the elections.

Unfair Distribution of Media Airtime

Time and again many have complained the media is doing many manipulations to allow desirable candidates to win. Or at least those with tons of money. There is strong proof that Trump and other favourable candidates are receiving more coverage. What’s happening?

No Money Involved

Despite the fact the media is doing some small manipulations. But money is talking less. Statistics show that many GOP candidates who are paying more for their campaign are doing less. Just see the proof here.

Democrats May Lose

Obama and his friends better shape up. Obama, becoming hugely unpopular with the recent rise of military action and incapability to resolve issues that can affect America. So far, the Democratic party only has 10 states supporting them. Don’t believe me? They’re actually falling apart by the minute

No One Might Win(?)

The question on everyone’s minds is the fact that a brokered Republican convention could happen if nobody wins the first ballot. This would mean all delegates and equivalents of UK’s MPs in congress can vote for whoever they would wish for.

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Three Star Theories That Blew Our Minds

The universe continues to expand consistently as human intelligence and technology continue to evolve to keep up with all universal discoveries that exist.

Stars have the biggest population in the universe ever since the big bang. The sun, which sustains life on Earth and makes heat exist in different parts of our Milky Way Galaxy, isn’t the only fascinating star along with the constellations.

There are some theoretical stars that are just creepy or difficult to understand oftentimes.

Quark Star

A Quark Star is a star with a large density that when it dies, it explodes into a supernova then forms a neutron star extremely hot and dense. This strength has itself collapse and cause a singularity but reaches a balanced state because neutrons couldn’t be compressed.

In short, they become something in between. While no astronomy team had ever proven their existence, they are there and they become somehow a paradox.

Thorne-Zytkow Object

Kip Thorne and Anna Zytkow published in 1977 a hybrid star formed by the collision between a red supergiant and a small neutron star. The huge density of a supergiant has an almost impenetrable inner atmosphere should the small neutron burrow inside. But the two stars can possibly move towards the centre. Their merging will cause a large supernova into a black hole

The TZO is a cannibal star, because it eats other stars, in principle.

Population III Star

Walter Baade, a researcher in the 1940s described that stars can possibly hold metal content. The higher the population, the metal content was also higher. These made two populations of stars, which we currently see through a telescope.

However, a star of the Population III were bright and bigger than other stars. The cores do not only have normal elements. They are powered by dark matter reactions. While so bright and so big, they explode and scatter their heavier elements across the universe.

While they are believed not to exist anymore, the stars give way to a better understanding of the Big Bang and the origin of the universe and our earth.

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The Three Most Interesting Methods For Crime-Fighting

We see the police in movies taking cover behind police cars when they’re about to bust a heist. SWAT teams are called in during hostage situations. But the film is different from real life, and real life crime-fighting turns out to be more interesting. Here are three ways crime-fighters prevail against their adversaries in an interesting way.

  1. In the Philippines, Underwater Religious Statues Is The Way

With a country with 90% of the population as registered Catholics, the Philippines has very strong faith. These include criminals and other ungood-doers. Destructive fishing practices gained the world’s attention during the 90s to the 21st century. Coral reefs have been decimated using destructive cyanide and dynamite fishing. A local mayor tried to dissuade criminals using underground religious statues. Not only did he deter fishermen from destroying the statues along with the coral reefs, but he also raised tourism in the area as divers paid tribute to the underwater statues.

  1. In Germany, The Stasi Plays Mind Games

Political opponents in 20th century Germany were difficult to predict without the use of spies. East Germany’s ingenious Stasi used political intimidation to unveil evidence to indict political opponents and criminals. These involved sending unnamed packages, sending child-sized coffins to political opponent’s homes and stirring up family trouble among their enemies.

  1. Belfast Uses Ice Cream Pacification

Everyone loves the sound of ice cream music. It means treats are all around for everybody. Belfast isn’t always as peaceful as it seems to be with heavy religious sectarian violence between Catholics and Protestants. However, riots aren’t dispersed with water cannons, but with ice cream truck music.

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Five Tips To Get Your ISA Ready For You!

Let’s face it, the ISA is our biggest friend when it comes to retirement. While it might not be enough to get us through 30 years of retirement, it would be enough to help us with daily expenses. Want to start with your Isa and do good with it? Here’s a few things you should know!

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Google’s Mobilegeddon is Out. Here Are Three Ways To Cope Effectively!

If your website does not have a mobile friendly or responsive design for smaller screens, then Google’s latest update may kill your number of visitors.

On February 2015, Google announced that it would be updating its search algorithm to prioritize mobile-friendly websites. With ample time to prepare, marketers have evaded the worst.

Or have they? If you’re not too sure, consult this list to help you avoid the plague of the newest Google update.

1. Breadcrumbs URLs

Today, Google favours websites that use Breadcrumb URLs. These URLs are quite handy for users to see the complete address of a website. Search engine bots will classify websites as “mobile-friendly” should they spot breadcrumbs URLs to be used by websites.

2. Mobile Optimization

Don’t be afraid to adopt new themes. You’ll need a responsive website theme and if you’re in a rush, one of the paid themes could definitely work for you while you sort out your actual website theme. Remember, you must optimize everything, including content (increased text size, responsiveness to small screens, etc.) to ensure that your website still has clout in Google

3. Stay With Your Best Practices

Remember, it’s just Google that will affect your website engagement. You still have social media campaigns, email marketing and other internet marketing strategies to consider to make sure that your website remains on top.

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The Impact of Customer Service and Its Relation to Self-Help

Truthfully, customer service or customer relations, is a big personal learning experience aside from being a branding tool. People do not often interact with irate or unsatisfied personnel. Through customer service, you could challenge yourself to be a calmer person and practice your personal decorum in the face of certain trouble.

Through this infographic, you’ll see how first impressions last and how helpful customer services are to businesses, and to self-development

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