The Mercedes-Benz star has a very rich history tied into it. Gottlieb Daimler believed that the three pointed star that marked the location of his house in Germany in an 1872 postcard would “shine upon his factory and bring prosperity.” A made-up superstition nonetheless, Paul and Adolf Daimler adopted the symbol for their father’s Daimler-Motoren Gesellschaft trade name. It was first blue and then became silver.

On the other side was Carl Benz and Cie, who had a laurel wreath as a logo for their own cars. When the two businesses created the 1926 merger, the laurels surrounded the three-point star, making the immortal logo a combination of both successful German motor businesses. According to the business, the three pronged star had changed its meaning to Mercedes-Benz dominating the land, air and sea.

The logo is easy to remember because of its unusual characteristics such as a three-pronged star compared to a five-point star. A circle around the star shows the legacy of both Daimler, Benze and Cie to the industry of vehicles.

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