Walt Disney

Disney’s logo had undergone evolutions. Walt Disney particularly used his name in upfront logos. It first read as “Walt Disney Presents” with an Alice in Wonderland font with diamonds. During its first half-century of animation, the company did not use a logo to go along with their name — just variations of the text “Walt Disney Presents” or “Walt Disney Pictures.”

It was during the 80s to the early new millennium 2016 that Walt Disney Pictures — as it was known — would use a “fairy tale” castle akin to Walt Disney’s theme parks. The company’s theme parks have become a huge hit — making the castles an effective logo for better brand retention.

Disney would create logo variations, but maintain the name Walt Disney Pictures and the castle. Animated versions of the castle are still being used today, including a 3D render by Disney’s Pixar of a modernized and full replica of a Disneyland castle.

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